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Well old news now, Gutsy Gibbon is out

As per the schedule, Canonical (a commercial sponsor of ubuntu) has released Ubuntu 7.10 (Gutsy Gibbon). The release new describing the features introduced can be read here. A detailed description of the features can be read here.

One can download the iso from the following link. You can also request free CDs from shipit.

Along with this the release schedule for the next release Hardy Heron (Ubuntu 8.04) is also up and can be seen here. The plan is have the next release on 24th April. Well the count down has begun.


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Upgrading to Gutsy Gibbon

Succeeding Feisty Fawn, the new release of Ubuntu 7.10 i.e Gutsy Gibbon will be out in coming October (scheduled data is 18th October 2007).
This week alpha release of “Tribe 5” is already out and the countdown for the final release has begun.

As usual the process of upgrading is simple. You just need to issue following commands to upgrade.

sudo replace feisty gutsy - /etc/apt/source.list
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get dist-upgrade

It will download some 570 MB to upgrade and you are done. So far I have not faced any issues.

There is always a way to do the same using UI also. Follow the instructions here to achieve this.

Jono Bacon has also made the announcement for the Gutsy Gibbon’s successor, Ubuntu 8.04, Hardy Heron which has been scheduled for release in April 2008.



"Everyone is welcome to participate,
everyone is welcome to get involved,
and everyone is welcome to
help shape the form of the Hardy Heron."

One can add their specifications/ideas to

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Try Win-Get!!

If you are one of those Debian/Ubuntu users who just loved apt and now you miss it on windows then you should give win-get a try.

Win-Get could be called as scaled down version of apt which provides an automated install system similar to apt on Windows. When invoked it connects to the repository, request the required package (downloads it using wget) and presents you with the installer (Ya, I know this is still painful to keep pressing next to complete the installation).  

The default repository has got good collection of utilities/applications which could be seen and browsed here.

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Goobuntu? Oh gr8!!

Yesterday, I visited google office and when i was roaming around in the office and my eyes fell on a familiar logo GOOOBUNTU (Google + Ubuntu). Later when I searched about it I learned that google uses this Google OS which is based on Ubuntu and Gnome. As of now, they are using it for their internal purposes and I think in future they may have plans to distribute it publicly as well.


I have been using Ubuntu from last 3 years and I find it as the best distro I have came across. If google launches it then I think it will be a huge step for Ubuntu Project.

Google has confirmed it is working on a desktop linux project called Goobuntu, but declined to supply further details, including what the project is for. […] Perhaps Google will have to think of a new name for the system before they launch it to the wider public

More information on wikipedia for Goobuntu.

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Ubuntu 7.04 BETA released

ubuntu_petit.png Ubuntu community yesterday has announced the release of Ubuntu Feisty Fawn beta version. It has come with whole lot of new features including GNOME 2.18 and 2.6.20 kernel.

The official release article describing “What’s new?” can be read here.

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Last herd release for Ubuntu’s Feisty Fawn is out

The last herd release for Ubuntu’s Feisty Fawn is out and the first beta release is awaited.As the video shows up, with the new desktop effects and a better engine everything seems to be moving in the right direction. I think once the official Feisty Fawn is out this is the best time for the XP users to start playing with this lovely thing.The ubuntu community itself is getting stronger and now Ubuntu is undoubtely the main contender of being most popular Linux Distro.

The release is expected in mid-april. Well said “It seems that Linux on the desktop is getting there, with Ubuntu

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