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My AIR apps wishlist

I have been constantly keeping myself updated with all the apollo apps coming up. Since the alpha release of apollo lot of Desktop applications have been built on top of apollo. Here is a list of few of the applications built using AIR. I particularly liked Fresh, DiggTop, SearchCoders, AirTalkr and AirPress, reason being that they fall into the category of things I do most of the time (I am not a flickr and youtube fan, and I hardly visit these sites). I believe apollo has got capabilities to provide a good compettion to those old .NET based windows apps, and replace the traditional desktop experience.

With the apollo getting matured, I have came up with a wishlist of apps/features, I would love to see in the future. Here it goes:

  1. A mail notification app which can handle atleast IMAP.
  2. A yakuake kind of terminal window, in general a way to wrap windows application in apollo so that I can customize it’s layout based on my needs.
  3. An Object Dock kind of fish eye component, which acts as a quick launch bar in windows. Similarly, If I want a Alt-F2 kind of utility(which is there in linux to run any application) or may be in windows there is a Launchy utility. As of now this is not possible, because AIR doesnt allow executing an external application.
  4. An expose like effect it an application. Something which can allow pushing some basic effects and layouting of currently active WINDOWS apps.

Beside this I really wish if we can get rid of Adobe’s right click philosphy and have good support of customizing the context menu, atleast for AIR, it makes sense to do this (Because AIR is not just flash!!!). I strongly thing with out context based context menu any application will lag that experience which most of the world is used to (Linux and Windows users). Say AIRPress, while writing a blog w/o the right click it becomes little uneasy to do things like spelling correction, and some basic formatting stuff similar to what we get in Windows Live Writer (and that is why I prefer it). Well Live Writer also has got other features like playing with the inserted images. It also allows inserting maps

Adobe has now release beta2. Here one can read the list of features added in this release.


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