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Exploring an IOLAPCube

Leveraging the capabilities of AdvancedDataGrid, I have implemented the IHierarchicalCollectionView and created a cube browser component.

CubeBrowser provides a tree kind of view for exploring the cube elements viz dimensions, hierarchies, attributes, levels and members.

CubeBrowser exposes cube propery to build an IHierarchicalCollectionView to build the required view.

<local:CubeBrowser cube=”{myOLAPCube}”/>

Click here to see a demo application.

It also uses the drag-drop feature in AdvancedDataGrid provides, and by enabling dragEnabled propery one can drag and drop a particular item in a list. I have overridden the default drag and drop behaviour and so that the dragged items are added under “items” rather than “treeItems”. This is particularly useful in case one wants to build a query editor kind of thing.

Click here to get the source for the component.


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4 Responses

  1. fernabel says:

    Hi it’s a very nice job that your made.!! I’m trying to generate a olapcube from AS and not mxml because the idea is generate a dynamic cube. But, I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. can you help me?

  2. nisheet says:

    can you tell little more about what exactly you are trying? I have myself built a small UI to decide your cube structure at runtime rather than hardcoding it. Let me know what are your requirements?

  3. Anoop Sharma says:

    Hello Nisheet.

    I am working on OLAP. Currently I am doing the whole thing in HTML, Javascript, but it took several steps to make a OLAP(pivot table type of thing). I read much in Flex that it is providing OLAP solution. Then I read your blog. I downloaded your code and trying to work on it. Can you please tell me :
    Can we drag columns as rows and rows as
    1. columns in OLAP datagrid in Flex. (as we do in Excel Pivot Table)
    2. Can we handle n number of data by using this method.
    3. If above is true, then can you please give some tips on this. How can we do this.

    Anoop Sharma

  4. tyler says:

    Great idea!.
    I set dragEnabled=”true” on the AdvancedDataGrid but dragging still seems to be
    inactive (i see no drag object when dragging from a node)

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