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Adobe Flex 3 beta 2 is out, Linux FB? WOW!!

Well the old news first, Adobe has released Flex 3 beta 2 with whole lot of improvements and few new features. With this release, flex community has got oppurtinity to explore the capabilities Adobe flex 3 will be offering in their final release. Read the release notes here.

October 2 was a big day for Adobe Flex, when Ram showcased about FlexBuilder Linux at MAX 2007. Read swaroop’s post (the developer behind the success). An excerpt from his post:

Now presenting the alpha of the Flex Builder IDE on Linux! (this was announced at the Adobe MAX 2007 conference). You can now create Flex projects, write code with intellisense-like hinting, compile and debug all within an IDE based on Eclipse, on Linux. You heard it right, it’s officially supported by Adobe

Read the corresponding slashdot article and discussion by mikepotter.

This will surely help to create a buzz in the linux developers community. After reading the discussion which is going I realized many people haven’t even heard about flex and somebody interpreted it as “Flex builder is a fast lexical scanner generator builder”. Now when they have an option to build RIA applications in linux also (using an IDE), many people will surely give flex a try. Adobe is offering it FREE and so the price concern is also not there.

I am just waiting for the time when Adobe will give an AIR (apollo) for linux and the linux flex builder will start supporting development of apollo applications. They have promised it on labs. I personally consider Apollo as a huge step by Adobe and having it on linux will make developing desktop applications very easier. Once this thing is achived I am sure Adobe Flex will get to see a large growth in the flex community.


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