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Apollo: So far so good!!


After hearing so much buzz about the Adobe’s Apollo I finally made up my mind to give it a try. No No!! not development..just playing with it.

As soon I clicked on the installer to install the cross-OS runtime, a screen got popped up asking me various things. It was a progress bar kind of thing with an apollo icon and I was not expecting this at all. The progress bar reminded me of the bad old days of java applications. In a nutshell the installer window is not flex way!!!


After installing the runtime, it was time to try out the first application. I went to the sample applications page and picked Fresh and Lookup. By this time, I was just eagerly waiting for the download to complete though it just took 30 secs to download them but my eyes were on the download bar only.

Then after installing Fresh, my reaction was wow!! It looks great. Fresh is skinnable RSS reader. I had been using FeedReader from past few months and I should say I wasn’t very satisfied with it. But this Fresh seems to be filling. So bye bye!! Feedreader.

Let’s see how far Apollo succeeds in changing my desktop applications. 😉

I can say now that “I have seen Apollo and it is awesome”

But there is one thing for sure, this is a great move by Adobe in the RIA arena. Great going Adobe!!!


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