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Yakuake rocks!!!

Yet Another Kuake KDE terminal emulator.

Yakuake is a Quake-style terminal emulator based on KDE Konsole technology.

It remains on the top of your desktop and when required it smoothly rolls down from the top. For console folks, it saves the pain of opening the console window again and again. You just need to set a key to make it visible. For me the shortcut key is [f12].

Moreover, it is like Konsole only. It has got tabs, one can browse through tabs using shift arrow keys. The default skinning provided looks smoother and better than traditional KDE Konsole.

So, next time when you are working on some project or surfing and suddenly something strikes you and you want a console. You don’t need to go to Konsole open it.. Just press [f12]. Do your work and hide it again by pressing [f12] again.

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