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Clipmarks and Scribefire

I was looking for a nice easy wayto blog, which can motivate me to blog more and more. Then, I came across clipmarks (Just the best parts of the page). Clipmarks allows saving all the interesting things (text, images, videos) one finds on web. The saved clips can then be blogged, emailed and print. This is where it is useful.

This way it allows the easiest way to blog what you find on the web. Just select, clip and click the blog icon. Integration with wordpress is fairly good and thus it solves my problem. I was happy but then I found ScribeFire.

ScribeFire is for firefox users . Its a nice and tiny blog editor which sits in your browser and which allows you compose the blog from the browser itself. Unlike Clipmarks, it also allows to assign categories to your blog. Along with wordpress, it also supports livejournal and Windows live spaces also. Just try out!!!


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