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fcsh(Flex Compiler Shell) help

Oh!! so there is something called as a Flex compiler shell.

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The fcsh (Flex Compiler Shell) utility provides a shell environment that you use to compile Flex applications, modules, and component libraries. It works very similarly to the mxmlc and compc command line compilers, but it compiles faster than the mxmlc and compc command-line compilers. One reason is that by keeping everything in memory, fcsh eliminates the overhead of launching the JVM and loading the compiler classes. Another reason is that compilation results (for example, type information) can be kept in memory for subsequent compilations.

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The first thing I did after downloading the thing was to run help. And this is what it returned.

(fcsh) fcsh help
List of fcsh commands:

  • mxmlc arg1 arg2 … full compilation and optimization; return a target id
  • compc arg1 arg2 … full SWC compilation
  • compile id incremental compilation
  • clear [id] clear target(s)
  • info [id] display compile target info
  • quit quit

It is a nice thing to have in the flex community for the people who are used to the command line compilation. Along with that it also says that it compiles faster than mxmlc and compc because it keeps the JVM loaded in the memory along with some other environmental stuff.

But they also say Flex Builder uses it internally so Flex Builder users need not worry. I don’t understand this because I find Flex Builder compilation slower than command line compilation.


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3 Responses

  1. nisheet hi, this Google thing is really cool. I made a search on fcsh and Linux terminals, and boom your site came up. The thing is I’m on Linux like you and using fcsh, but my terminals, Gnome, KDE, Eterm, Xterm, you name it, don’t accept Up-Down arrows in fcsh.

    Every time i have to write compile 1 for example. It sucks.

    Do you think there is a setting for this. I think this is simple problem regarding Linux itself. I’m using Ubuntu btw.

  2. kzm says:

    Hey nisheet.. i totally dont get fsch running. it throws out some NoClassDefFoundError. first it was some flex tool it couldnt find, so i rebuild the fsch.jar including everything from the mxmlc.jar. now it throws out another NoClassDefFoundError, but that class is included in the jar. did you experienced any problems running fsch.. do you may be know whats wrong? what linux distro you are on?

  3. Philip Weaver says:

    I’ve written a java i/o tool which wraps fcsh as a server and which allows you in incorporate the briskness of fcsh into your own build tools/process. Email me at philip att philmaker doot com if you’d like a copy of this, or if you’d like to help me enhance and test. Thanks.

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